The Auchi Polytechnic Christian alumni Association was known as Auchi Polytechnic Christian Union Alumni Association at its formative stage in May 1981. The vision to start the Association was conceived by the Christian Union Executive Committee of the 1980/81 session under the leadership of the then President-Brother Richard Erhiawarien but was actualized by the next executive committee headed by Pastor Samuel Osifo of blessed memory.
In 1982, the first constitution was drafted by the committee set up by the association and had it registered by CAMA. The first elected National Executive committee of the association under the leadership of Pastor George C. Osademe was in 1985.
In order to accommodate all past and present Christian groups in our Alma mater, the name of the association was changed to Auchi Polytechnic Christian Alumni Association (APCAA).
This new name was incorporated on 3rd of June, 2009 by the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja and this gave birth to our new constitution, as amended.
As we await, without blemish, the coming of Christ, it is our hope that all in the Christian faith will uphold the motto of the association which is: “keep the light shining”(Matt 15:6) and continue to be living epistles until Jesus comes.

What is A.P.C.A.A

The Auchi Polytechnic Christian Alumni Association (APCAA) is a registered non-denominational Christian body founded on love and refreshing fellowship among Christian brethren who have passed through the Polytechnic. It is open to all those who were Christians while on campus as well as those who became Christians after leaving the Polytechnic. Spouses are also automatic members and qualify to hold any post up to being a National officer of the Association.  Membership is not based on social class or any denominational prejudices, doctrine, or creed. It accommodates all that make up the body of Christ; be they Catholics, Anglicans, Presbyterians, Methodists, Baptists, Pentecostal – just name it. APCAA IS NOT A CHURCH BUT A NON-DENOMINATIONAL FELLOWSHIP.
Our membership consists of credible leaders, influential, opinion leaders and great personalities which are well respected in the society. These include business owners, Company executives, industrialists, proven professionals, acclaimed consultants, international business men and women and authors. Also many church leaders and ordained clergy (such as Pastors, Reverend Ministers, Bishops, General Overseers, etc) forms an important part of APCAA membership. And they do feel at home at our meetings, as we expect you will do, regardless of their denominational affiliation or status.
Auchi polytechnic Christian alumni association was inaugurated on the 4th of April, 1981.
Bro. Dele Akinayo of blessed memory was the first National Coordinator.


Bro.Pius Isiramen - National Coordinator
Bro. Emma Ugbede- Secretary


Bro. George Osademe- National President
Bro. Alex Ohunyon- National Vice President
Bro. Gray Ajuyah- General Secretary
Bro. M.E.Ebojoh- Assistant General Secretary
Bro. Idowu Omage- National P.R.O
Bro. Wilson Oruremu- National Financial Secretary
Sis Keno Ohiorenoya- National Treasurer


Bro. Rufus Aizegboje- National President
Bro. Pius Isiramen- National Vice President
Sis. Hannah Atinse- General Secretary
Bro. Harrison Oziengbe- Assistant General Secretary
Sis. Yvonne Pelemo- National Financial Secretary


Pst. Matt.E.Ebojoh- National President
Bro. S.U.Ewere- National Vice President
Bro. Ben. S. Ohiorenoya- General Secretary
Sis. Tinyan Iyabor- Assistant General Secretary
Sis. Judith Omoregie- National Treasurer
Bro. Odion Asogun- National Financial Secretary
Bro. Tony Okonmah- National P.R.O


Pst. M.E. Ebojoh- National President
Bro. U.S.Ewere- National Vice President
Sis. Tinyan Iyabor- Assistant National Secretary
Sis. Judith Omoregie- National Treasurer
Bro. Irase Ohiokpehai- National Financial Secretary
Bro. R. Salami- National P.R.O


Vincent Ohiorenoya- National President
Gray Ajuyah- National Vice President
E. E. Osademe- General Secretary
Benson Ruadjere- Assistant General Secretary
Abel Omolu- National Treasurer
Elimimien- National Financial Secretary
Andy Umunadi- National P.R.O

2000 -2003

Bro. Andy Umunadi- National President
Bro. O.J. Asaboro- National Vice President
Bro. William Asakpoku- General Secretary
Bro. Ben Izuagie- Assistant General Secretary
Sis. Bessie Odele- National Treasurer
Bro. Abel Omolu- National Financial Secretary
Bro. Daniel Afe- National P.R.O

2003 -2006

Bro. Fregene Lawrence- National President
Bro. Ben Ekekhor- National Vice President
Bro. Patrick Ijieh- General Secretary
Bro. Austine Otabor- Assistant General Secretary
Sis. Turi Ogbebor- National Treasurer
Bro. Johnson Omoruyi- National Financial Secretary
Bro. Davidson Omozokpia- National P.R.O

2006 -2009

Gab.Omo-Edokpayi- National President (Till his demise in 2008)
Dave Iyabor- National Vice President (Stepped in after the death Of Bro. Edokpayi)
Bro. Shoal Ogbebor- General Secretary
Bro. Austine Odijie- Assistant General Secretary
Sis. Pat Ahiante- National Treasurer
Bro. Osare Osamwonyi- National Financial Secretary
Bro. Robinson Salami- National P.R.O

2009 -2013

Bro. Dave Iyabor- National President
Bro. Robinson Salami- National Vice President
Bro. Shola Ogbebor- General Secretary
Bro. Austine Odijie- Assistant General Secretary
Sis. Aibor Josephine- National Treasurer
Bro. Osare Osamwonyi- National Financial Secretary
Bro. Festus Iroro- National P.R.O

2013 till date

Elder O.J .Asaboro- National President
Bro. Abel Omolu- National Vice President
Sis. Bessie Odele- General Secretary
Bro. Victor Nwaomucha- Assistant General Secretary
Bro. Bemigho Edukugho- National Financial Secretary
Sis. Joyce Ojugbana- National Treasurer
Bro. Ambrose Izibili- National P.R.O


Edition Theme Year Hosting Chapter
18th At Mid-Night 2001 Warri, Delta State
19th That I might see His glory 2002 Warri, Delta State
20th  Remove not the ancient landmark 2003 Benin City
21st Repositioning in a changing world 2004 Auchi
22nd Dominion for maximum impact 2005 Lagos
23rd Covenant Empowerment 2006 Benin City
24th Actualizing your dream 2007 Warri
25th Keep the light shining 2008 Benin
26th Taking the Kingdom 2009 Auchi
27th  Pressing unto higher height 2010 Asaba
28th  Dwelling in His presence 2011 Lagos/Ibadan
29th  No limitation in Him 2012 Warri
30th  Behold He comes 2013 Benin
31st Oh Lord enlarge my coast 2014 Auchi
32nd Understanding the Times 2015 Asaba
33rd Unchanging Gospel in an Unchanging World 2016 Lagos,Lagos State
34th National Transformation,The role of Christians as Change agents 2017 Abuja, FCT
35th Manifesting God's Glory 2018 Warri, Delta State
36th Arise, Shine! 2019 Benin